29th Annual Pacific Palisades Home Tour- FIVE stunning homes plus an exclusive design and lifestyle marketplace. Highlighting the unique and gracious living that defines Pacific Palisades.  Thank you homeowners, sponsors, designers, builders, vendors, members, volunteers and most of all, our guests. See you next year!

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Why join Pacific Palisades Woman's Club?

I know what you are thinking. "I really want to meet other women in the community and I really should do some community service , but OMG, work is so busy right now and/or I've got a pile of laundry/dishes/kids to clean. I don't have time to go to a meeting once a month. I'm. Just. So. Tired." Yes. We've all been there. Heck, I'm there at least once a week. But want to know what's really great about being a member? It may be a struggle to get to an event, but I NEVER regret the work I do on behalf of the organization when I see the people who use our building, kids doing art at their school or an elderly couple sharing lunch right here in Pacific Palisades. In my professional life I'm a homemaker trying to transition back to the workforce, so it's a real relief to meet other women like me with busy lives and even busier households.  It's also so great to get to knowa few women not in my generation on a regular basis, catch up with  friends and colleagues I haven't seen in a while, and meet women new to Pacific Palisades. 

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The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club is a non-profit organization that brings together energetic and socially minded women in friendship to serve our community through philanthropic endeavors.

Thank you Capital Campaign Donors

100% Capital Campaign

Collected: $201,113.55
Goal: $1,500,000.00
Join us in preserving our community treasure. Since 1951, our clubhouse facility has been dedicated to the use and enjoyment of the community. Now the meeting place and home of more than 100 organizations in addition to our own.
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As of 11/1/14)

$50,000 +
Sue Beazley

$10,000 - $49,999
Cindy Jones
Catalina Pernisco-Viotti Kristin Sibson

$5,000 - $9,999
Jean Aroeste
Austin Holland
Nancy Johnson
Amy Katch
Tameron Keyes
Terri Lyman
Katye Miller
Diane Stafford
Haldis Toppel
Gwendolen Twist

$1,000 - $4,999
Melissa Anna
Eleni Cambourelis-Benedikt
Sheila Dowst
Susie Evans
Sharon Gavin                        Reca Gerchik
Elisabeth Giovine
Karen Goldberg
Tricia Grossman
Cindy Heydt
Carey Hirschman
Eva Iino
Susan Jay
Katy Kreitler
Denise Mangimelli
Anthony Marguleas
Elisabeth Peier
Natalie Riggs
Kimberly Sandorf
Ariane Sawyer
Tina Schroeter
Christie Smith
Robin Terman
Bobbi Thompson
Marie Tran
Suzanne Trepp
Ingrid Vinje
Theresa (Terri) Webb
Arlene Weber
Deborah Williams


Suzette Abbott
Patricia Allegretti
Fran Aponte
Dianne Atkins
Nasreen Babu-Khan, MD
Robert Baker
Ona Barnett
Alice Beagles
Phyllis Becker
Nancy Branch
Cindy Brody
JoAnne Carlson
Doris Castaneda
Surinder Chinai
Alexia Csato
Ginger Curea
Joanna Curtis
Judy D'Arcy
Lee Ann Daly
Helene Dameris
Mary Dean
Liz Denham
Kasi Dodge
Nancy Drobnis
Jane DuBovy
Gail Elen
Vivian Foster
Judy Grosh
Sharon Hastings
Judith Hatchett
Dalena Hathaway
Richard Held
Judy Hyde
Elizabeth Ives
Ally Jaret
Alice Karl
Krystyna Kaszubowski, M.D.
Brooke King
Keri Kraft
Christine Laguna Politis
Jenny Lee
Phyllis Leshin
Michele Locker
Yvonne Maday-Crandell
Iris Magidoff
Lori Martin
Ellen McCormick
Jo Michel
Tammy Mozenter
Phyllis Nelson
Nancy Niles
Sonja Panajotovic
Vanessa Pellegrini
Jeannette Penick
Lisa Price
Dorothy Richards
Rene Rodman
Nicole Ryan
Natasha Samuels
Ethan Sawyer
Mimi Schector
Laura Schneider
Janet Schulman
Steph Smith
Evelyn Smith
Marie Steckmest
Holly Surya-Tishibi
The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Katherine Tooley
Nichelle Toomire
Triumph Development
Julia Winter
Alice Wood
Cathie Yonke

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Address: P.O. Box 292, 901 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Phone: (310) 454-9012

Email: info@theppwc.org

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The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club originated in 1925 with the name The Forum and officially became the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club in 1926. Our club building at 901 Haverford was constructed in 1951 and completed in 1956. Today, we celebrate our 89th year of service to the community as a vibrant, multi-generational club dedicated to the educational, cultural and social well-being of Pacific Palisades. Become a Member!