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2022 Genesis Open Fundraiser 

We ask that you please pass this information along to all of the volunteers in your group that will be working. This will eliminate any confusion and help ensure that everyone is on the same page. I  have reattached all of the updated concession information for ease of reference.  If you need a reminder of what location you have just let me know.

Entry Tickets - These will be a digital daily entry ticket that will be issued through Ticketmaster. It is a very user friendly system. Note, these can only be shown from a mobile phone or digital device – no paper copies will be accepted.
   1.    Entry Protocols – In accordance with current State of California, City of Los Angeles, and LA County Public Health guidelines, anyone entering the grounds must adhere to the following guidelines for entry to the tournament:

   For those requiring a negative test:
   1.    Negative results within 48 hours prior to entry if from a lab PCR Test.

   2.    Negative results within 24 hours prior to entry if from a lab Antigen Test.

   3.    Yes, even if you are working multiple days in a row, you will have to retest and still provide proof within the required time frame mentioned above.

   1.    Anyone 18 years and older must also provide a government issued photo ID with a matching name to vaccination proof or test result.

   2.    Everyone (regardless of vaccination status) must wear a mask for the duration of the event unless actively eating or drinking.

Parking Passes – Parking passes are attached here; you can either print this pass or you can show the gate attendant from your phone –

   1.    THURSDAY – SUNDAY, Water Garden – 1620 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

   1.    Thurs-Fri, 4:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

   2.    Sat-Sun, 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Volunteer Meeting – The meeting will be held on Saturday, February 12th at 9 a.m. at Spectrum Registration (inside the main gates – same location as 2020). Parking for this meeting will be at the Paul Revere Middle School (Lot 4) located at 1450 Allenford Ave, Los Angeles 90049. Note, this parking area is about 2 blocks from the meeting location. We will have a few 6 passenger golf carts to help shuttle but know there could be some walking...

Attire – Attire should be navy, khaki, or black shorts / skorts / capris / or pants with your organization’s shirt.  Nice (not destroyed) blue jeans or long blue jean shorts are ok, NO daisy dukes please! Those that do not have organization shirts we ask that you all choose a solid colored, non-logoed shirt.  I of course HIGHLY recommend you wear your organization’s shirts!! J

Tips – You will get a break down of credit card tips per day and they will be included on your commission check! Tips jars for cash tips will be provided to you.

Registration – Registration will be located inside the Main Entrance gates (same as 2020)! If you have your pass and know your stand, you can go right to it, no need to check in at Registration. If anyone needs a ride to their stand, they can go to the Spectrum Registration tent and have our registration shuttle them. We will have golf carts to assist in shuttling volunteers to and from the stands; please be patient at the very beginning and end of the day as many tents open and close at the same time.  Please also take this into consideration so that you allow plenty of time to get to your stands on time. We also ask that you encourage volunteers to walk to their stand if it is in close proximity, leaving the carts for those locations on the far side.

 Upsell – With today’s economy we all know we need to upsell as much as possible.  Put your friendliest people as your cashiers and make sure they greet everyone with a smile and “what may I get for you?”.  After an order has been placed, if there is room for a “higher” sell, cashiers should take the opportunity to ask if they would like a candy bar with that, a drink, or whatever may apply.  Cashiers should ensure that they keep the line moving once the order has been placed and money has been exchanged, making eye contact with the next person in line.

Timeliness – Just a reminder that the times listed on the staff schedule are the times that you need to be in your stands, not at registration.  Please make sure all volunteers account for travel time and such when planning on getting to their stand at a particular time. 

Shifts – If you have created shifts for your staff please make sure you do not change them between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. as this typically is crunch time.  Please also make sure that your staff knows they cannot leave until their replacement has arrived. Please remember that tents close at the end of play and out times can vary. Tents close when the Spectrum manager says they close.  Trust me, we want to get out just like everyone else and will do our best in getting you closed as soon as we can.

Finance – If for any reason there is concern about someone that is there, simply call us on the radio and we will assist you; never give your money to someone you don’t know or are unsure of.  Your assigned Spectrum manager will bring your stand sheet, iPads and radio.  If you are ever in need of iPad assistance during the day, please turn to the appropriate channel for finance, state your tent number, and state your needs. 

iPads – We provide iPads to serve as your registers. They are extremely user-friendly and will not take much time at all to pick up on. We will go over these at the volunteer meeting. Please have any volunteers that need to learn the POS system attend the meeting. There will be a customer service team that will be out on the course visiting your stands and troubleshooting any issues that you may have operating the iPads. Finance will bring the iPads to you in the morning and pick them up from you when your stand closes.

Inventory – It is extremely important that you take opening and closing inventory of the product in your stand. You will also need to keep track of any product that is added or subtracted to your inventory throughout the day. Remember you get paid based on a percentage of the sales in your stand and inventory plays a vital role in determining the amount of money that your group makes.

Food & Beverages – Anyone working a 4-hour shift is entitled to one meal on us…this consists of a sandwich, snack item, and a non-alcoholic beverage.  All volunteers are entitled to a non-alcoholic beverage, just please see that this privilege is not taken advantage of. If your stand does not sell food, please coordinate with your Spectrum Finance manager to receive your meal tickets to grab food at a Spectrum location closest to you.

Behavior – We want you to have a good time and enjoy yourselves but please be respectful of the players and keep the noise level down when play is happening around you. Anyone that is caught drinking in your stand will be asked to leave immediately and not allowed back for the remainder of the tournament. If someone in your group is caught drinking, the group’s commission may be forfeited and the group WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK NEXT YEAR!

Volunteer Waiver Forms - Don’t forget that all volunteers are required to fill out and sign the “individual volunteer form”. These should be filled out prior to arrival and not at the actual registration tent as there will already be a line of people there to check-in. You can give these forms to me at Spectrum Registration, your finance manager (at stand), or you may email them to me in one file if you have them ready to go. 
Course Map – Attached.
Bag Policy – Please see links below and attachment.


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